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Decorative Tiles


  • MAT & MORE

    A collection of unique and original, white body ceramic wall coverings that toy with combinations of glossy textures and matte surfaces. This creat...

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  • LITH

    Create your escape, and embrace the harmony of duality with Lith. Designed to connect the inside and outside of the home, Lith serves the enti...

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    The Chateau porcelain collection is a Variation of the aesthetic of concrete featuring the typical smoky look and neutral colors, with the addition...

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  • RICE

    Rice evokes the essence of handmade tile with its purposefully uneven surfaces and glossy Finish. A neutral palette of Bianco, Natural, and Gri...

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    The Cavallina collection exudes sophistication with its exquisite stone and concrete aesthetic, complete with a refined rectified edge. Versatile e...

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    The Valentino D’Autore series will give a vintage but very modern touch to your designs. Its crackle finish, volume and shine will make your spaces...

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    “Deco World” is a line of decorations designed to provide any environment with a lively and distinctive character. Two separate collections, Portug...

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  • TOKI

    Introducing our Toki Collection: a stunning array of ceramic wall tiles available in a versatile 3x12 size. Choose from a variety of colors and fin...

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    This collection celebrates the contrasts between old and new, fragile and strong, machined and crafted, promoting the authenticity of clay and its ...

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    Crafted with meticulous attention to detail and inspired by effortless sophistication, we introduce the new Malibu Plank collection. Each tile boas...

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    Our Patina Collection offers tiles sized 18x48 with precisely rectified edges. This collection is available in three captivating colors and various...

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  • Art Abstract

    Art Abstract Transcending Boundaries with a Tapestry of Intricate Geometric Forms and a Luminous Spectrum of Colors"


    Introducing our latest addition, the Riazza collection: hexagonal tiles boasting a stunning Terrazzo aesthetic. Crafted from porcelain and availabl...

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    Perfect transition from dimension to flat surfaces. To be placed vertical or horizontally to your choice. Allows walls striped with bands of light ...

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    Looking for a sophisticated and original outcome? Twister allows your personal pattern combination, opening a new dimension in your design plan. De...

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