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    A tile collection that flawlessly captures the graceful movements of Cipollino Marble veins and the peaceful flow of Karesansui, also known as the ...

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    The Tegel collection merges traditional and modern styles, revitalizing the classic 3x6 tile format with contemporary, vibrant graphics. These luxu...

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    Explore Thala Collections, impeccably designed limestone replica tiles, available in an array of neutral hues. Crafted in ceramic, these tiles are ...

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  • JURA

    Jura is a versatile collection of 12x12 tiles designed for both floors and walls. Available in four neutral shades, Jura effortlessly complements a...

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  • JUNE

    Stone that breathes Lines, touch and color merge into June bringing calmness in its purest form. Its stone appearance fuses a careful printing and ...

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    A collection of white shades in wall tiles with different textures. The contemporary Strass Decor, Wave Decor, Stacked and Linear styles add anothe...

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  • FLOW

    Inspired by the movement of water, our Flow collection transforms any room with its fresh color palette and unique texture, creating a space that s...

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    A vintage soul to praise ceramics, lace and wallpaper. Gradient colors and water reliefs join in polished enamels with a handmade appearance unitin...

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    Subway tile with a twist! Our CC Textures Collection adds depth and dimension to your walls. Whether you prefer beveled, reversed beveled or linear...

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  • JOY

    Life on the move. Color bursts creating an explosion of Style. A very subtle glossy texture shapes a white body wall tile with different sources of...

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    A delicate satin Finish and rich color palette allow the Ombre series to transport you into a world of color and possibilities.


    Delight in the beauty of nature with this one-of-a-kind tile. With their organic shape and subtle colors, Feathers add a touch of Zen wherever it’s...

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    With a highly special effect, this wall tile is skillfully crafted with its intricate carving effect to provide maximum visual appeal. It can creat...

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    A unique adaptation of brick. Our Brickell Collection is a ceramic wall tile with excellent definition and texture. The realism achieved with this ...

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    Bar tile is versatile and adds a touch of personality to each space. With its bold colors, it’s the perfect way to add some personality to your liv...

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    Our Dimensions collection is the perfect addition to any room. Create a fun and inspiring environment with the unique hexagonal and square shapes o...

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    Delice is a compact metamorphic rock that follows the trend of a renovated classic marble, its beauty comes from the simplicity of its base contras...

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    A replica of classic statuario marble. The field tile is complemented with a contrasting chevron pattern decor and a 3D diamond pattern decor.


    Using colors that can take you back in time. The Olaria collection adds character to any room through movement and Variation within its pieces.