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    The Cavallina collection exudes sophistication with its exquisite stone and concrete aesthetic, complete with a refined rectified edge. Versatile e...

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    Welcome to the Stella Collection, where beauty and versatility merge seamlessly in each tile. With an array of pastel hues, these tiles offer endle...

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    Drawing inspiration from the organic design of travertine stone, Reservorio envelops your space with a natural color palette and authentic veining,...

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    Forge a path where versatility meets style, the contemporary stone look Forgehaus is a showcase of modern design, boasting dynamic graphics and ric...

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    Designed for both floors and walls, the Isola Collection offers a stunning range of ceramic and porcelain tiles. The exclusive ceramic wall tiles c...

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    The KARPSILA collection in black, white and beige tones offers a combination of elegance, modernity and warmth that can adapt to a variety of decor...

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    Our Windsor Collection lives up to its name, offering unparalleled elegance for your walls. Available in two colors and three styles, including two...

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    The BUCKINGHAM collection in white stone look and white tones is an elegant and versatile option for interior decoration. This combination offers t...

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    Synthesis is the perfect proposal for those who love metallic effects. Made up of 5 colors: White, grey, oxide, black, and blue; and 5 formats: 12X...

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    Perfect transition from dimension to flat surfaces. To be placed vertical or horizontally to your choice. Allows walls striped with bands of light ...

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    A realistic interpretation of refined travertine, features floor and mosaic combinations for exceptional compatibility. A soft-structured surface d...

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    Explore Thala Collections, impeccably designed limestone replica tiles, available in an array of neutral hues. Crafted in ceramic, these tiles are ...

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    A simplistic staple, this stone-look tile creates a cohesive design solution for your project. Capturing cool and warm tones, Primstone is patterne...

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    Each "Florentine" tile is a masterpiece, adorned with intricate patterns and motifs that reflect the splendor of Italian artistry. These ceramic ti...

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  • JUNE

    Stone that breathes Lines, touch and color merge into June bringing calmness in its purest form. Its stone appearance fuses a careful printing and ...

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    The tile resembles a limestone that forms part of the chalky rocks and mainly made up of calcite and small amounts of minerals, such as quartz and ...

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  • ROMA

    The Roma series lends contemporary appeal to marble and stone. A timeless look with endless design options.


    A collection of limestone design with soft veining, wall and floor combination, available in eight colors.

  • SALT

    Our Salt collection is an affordable range of glazed wall tiles and glazed porcelain floor tiles inspired by the natural beauty of Himalayan rock s...

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    Experience the modern allure and minimalist sophistication of our Natur collection. With its sleek and contemporary design, Natur effortlessly adap...

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    Stone Theory blends nature with a contemporary flair. Inspired by the fusion of marble and quartzite, the three neutral colors are offered in popul...

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