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    Natural design is the star of this collection of imitation wood, ideal for walls and facades. Dassel presents unique textures and reliefs that form...

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    The Stardust Series has a modern and sophisticated look. Its tones along with its intrinsic graphics can re-create the unique and natural texture o...

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  • MOOD

    Mood is a very elegant and modern Color Body Porcelain tile ideal for minimalist bathrooms and kitchens


    Experience the modern allure and minimalist sophistication of our Natur collection. With its sleek and contemporary design, Natur effortlessly adap...

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    An ode to the industrial chic look, the Nolita Collection is the ideal tile to create a modern urban setting. This colored body porcelain collectio...

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    Step into the world of elegance and charm with the Les Bijoux Collection. These tiles exude timeless beauty, offering a stunning fusion of stone an...

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    Unleash the alluring beauty of the Mystic Collection. With its captivating stone look and subtle marble undertones, this collection exudes an air o...

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    Embrace the enchanting beauty of the Orobico Collection. With its mesmerizing marble look, these tiles effortlessly blend shades create a captivati...

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    The Astral Galaxy Collection invites you to infuse your space with the allure of the cosmos. These tiles don't just adorn floors; they transform th...

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    ‎A pure aspect of concrete, a neutral and clean look, versatile and timeless material. Which becomes the star of design schemes with discretion and...

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    Coming home after a winter workday, lighting up the fireplace, slipping into cozy clothes, and relishing a moment of relaxation – it's truly pricel...

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    There is a reason why marble has been a staple of homes for centuries. With their timeless, elegant quality, marble floor tiles are the ideal choic...

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    Inspired by wood and natural stone, the Sinfonia series presents a unique texture in each of its pieces. With its three-dimensional volume, you can...

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  • KAI

    The KAI Collection is a fusion of natural, hand-worked cement and the veining of Sahara Noir marble. It comes in three different colors, both with ...

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    Eternal is a series of matte and polished tiles with a luxurious look perfectly imitating real marble. If you dream of a luxurious, slightly extrav...

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    Ideal choice to give a touch of elegance and style to your rooms. Thanks to its matte surface, this concrete effect tile gives a luxurious and soph...

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    Nature comes into and furnishes the home. Natural Appeal is a porcelain stoneware tile collection inspired by the feel, the colors and the shades o...

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    Textures that inspire. Reinterpretation of the eternal seduction of natural stone, with ample possibilities of textures, chromatic variety and form...

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    Alchemy is the transmutation of matter, the evolution in current chemistry, the forerunner of modern sciences. We present a colour chart shinny, tr...

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    Mestizaje is our appreciation of the imperfect and the natural. Embracing ancestral “Zellige” art and the antique terracotta charms in Chateau.  Ze...

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    Softening tones for an atemporal aesthetic. A blend of chromatic intensities. The richness of nuances. Dare to upgrade your tone!


    Embark on a timeless journey with the Livingstyle Porcelain Tile Collection. This exceptional collection takes center stage, showcasing the most re...

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    Elevate your interiors with the UrbanSlat Wall Tile Collection, achieving a new level of sophistication. These ceramic tiles, measuring 16” x 48”, ...

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