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    Inspired by mid-century modernism, Playscapes showcases a lively array of unique wall tile shapes. Each piece has a translucent glaze with an undul...

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    Welcome the hygge-inspired warmth of Merona into your designs. Smooth color in a light, natural grain invites relaxation and ease. StepWise™ techn...

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    Artistic Reflections combines a translucent glaze with an undulated surface, creating a handcrafted structure. The color pallet consists of four ne...

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    Rockart Scales is a Recycled Glass with a lot of Style and versatility, ideal for any space, enter and know the variety of Styles and colors.

  • JOY

    Life on the move. Color bursts creating an explosion of Style. A very subtle glossy texture shapes a white body wall tile with different sources of...

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  • FLOW

    Inspired by the movement of water, our Flow collection transforms any room with its fresh color palette and unique texture, creating a space that s...

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    Colors range from neutral and earth hues to bright and energetic tones. Give your space its personality through various Size selections, from tradi...

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    Enchanting and diverse, the Gemstones Collection unveils a world of luxury and sophistication, carefully curated to captivate even the most discern...

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  • AURA

    Beautiful discerning wall tile offered in both matte and glossy. Available in six earthen colors with bullnose option.


    Eclettica puts a focus on color, as the key element of design interiors. Large format 16" x 48" glazed wall tiles provide a vibrant chromatic flour...

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  • KORU

    A collection that seeks to offer a reinterpretation of the types of wood of fruit trees, characterized by light veining effects, distinctive gnarls...

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    Oceani evokes the vast range of color that is experienced when gazing upon a calm sea. Emerald meets deep blue and is highlighted by the tropical t...

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    Behold the poetry of design, where the porcelain marvels of the Segment collection dance in the intricate embrace of the hexagon. With a deco Style...

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    With these tiles, your walls become a window to the Mediterranean, where the beauty of this enchanting region is captured in every rectangular tile...

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