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Product Type: Field Tile

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Original price $4.31 - Original price $7.11
Original price
$4.31 - $7.11
Current price $4.31
SIZE: 12X24
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More About ONYX

More About ONYX

The ancient precious stone, Onyx, has been an unfailingly coveted material since antiquity. Used as early as the Egyptian Second Dynasty in carvings and ornaments, the gemstone is characterized by bands of white and gold veining woven into a smooth, almost translucent appearing body. Onyx has endured the ages, much like porcelain tile and will transform your floor into a work of art, stunning everyone who has the pleasure of walking upon it. The depth of movement in the collection creates a richer and more profound profile, allowing designers to add texture, dimension and a robust sensation to their spaces. Offered in a rectified, polished or matte body, with five designer colors and a variety of mosaic and trim pieces, you can truly get creative and draw inspiration from both historic and contemporary dwellings with this fresh tile.

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